Sunday, February 27, 2011

CHRIS CHRISTIE IS A RINO. Tom Marr totally exposes Chris Christie as a conservative fraud...

Great call at around the 13:25 mark:

Even Mark Levin is disappointed:

From Mark Levin:

I had high hopes for Christie. Up to now, he has said the right things and done the right things respecting spending, taxing, and public sector unions. But he is dead wrong on illegal immigration and dead wrong about not challenging the government run health care bill. Regarding the former, he sounds like John McCain three years ago. "Commonsense path to citizenship." Regarding the latter, the cost of joining with the other states in challenging the health care monstrosity is minimal. That's a poor excuse. And why is it taking his attorney general and commissioner of health so long to conclude that it is unconstitutional for the federal government to compel private citizens to buy services from other citizens? This is perplexing, unless he supports the bill.

I am going to have to re-evaluate my past praise of Christie. If this article is accurate, this is very disappointing.


  1. Christie's on the cover of the NYT magazine today. I liked the piece. No point in writing him off just because you might disagree about a couple things and the comments of some hack radio talker. Pretty easy for him lob criticism from some cushy radio berth, he's not governing.

  2. Ummm, yea douchebag, you keep thinking that. I disagree because everything the talk radio guy said was 100% true and he actually missed a few additional things.

    Christie is now trying to mess with police and fireman in NJ. He said he wouldnt. He's trying to make them take 60% instead of 65% when they retire, and pay 30% of their medical costs. They contribute far more to the pension than the teachers, they actually show up for work, they risk their lives for the public and provide services to all taxpayers and welfare freeloader non-taxpayers (unlike laborers, teachers, cafeteria workers etc..) and they make decent money in a state where DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS have made the cost of living incredibly high. Christie is ignoring the abuse of the pension system by judges etc...who are pulling six figure pensions without contributing.

    And why should I pay a teachers retirement? I have no kids. And when i do, they will attend private schools so I don't have to deal with my kids being dragged to a union protest, taught to worship Obama, have homosexuality pushed on them and graduate dumber than Joe Biden. No thanks...

    Christie is a bum. I supported him because he talked a good game and he's still better than Corzine, but he's a fraud when it comes to being a conservative. It's fact.

  3. Mark Levin, the best radio talk show host on Earth recognised that Christie was a RINO when he would not denounce green energy because his wife likes it..

  4. Hey Anonymous, posting Feb. 28 at 13:00:

    Be careful, you're sounding like a guy who might know a few union songs. Better be standing with SEIU pretty soon because the Republicans are after your pension and health care, too. It's happening in WI, now you say NJ. Oh, but it's all for you if the TEACHERS get the Wrath of Christie, right? Just not ME OR MINE.

  5. The SEIU are scum. The should be abolished completely. I am overpaid, underworked and we already gave some "give backs" and I'm okay with that. Corzine and McGreevy made promises they couldn't keep, kicked the can down the road. I still believe only public safety workers should be compensated by the taxpayers. It's a government function. Dept of education should be completely abolished and schools ALL PRIVATE!!! Every single one of them so we can stop brreding retarded liberal voters by the time they're seniors in HS.

    Im a Ron Paul guy - go away . Unions are corrupt scumbags which is why they get along so well with politicians and dems.

    No kool-aid in my glass dikhead.