Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rep. Allen West Says Muslim Congressman Represents 'The Antithesis' of America’s Founding Principles (And he's Right!)

Four leaders of Jewish, Christian and interfaith groups signed a letter Wednesday expressing “deep concern” to U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, about his recent criticism of Muslim U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., and West’s “tendency to offer intemperate comments about Islam.”

In an interview on The Shalom Show, West (around the 1:50 mark on the video above) referred to Ellison as “someone that really does represent the antithesis of the principles upon which this country was established.” READ MORE...


  1. I'm sure Rep. Ellison would welcome debate and dialogue with the new Congressman.

  2. Also in the story, but evidently not of concern to the people on this site:

    The new Congressman said this, even in the headline:

    "West sent a letter back to the interfaith leaders Wednesday saying he’s “neither anti-Muslim nor anti-Islam…It is the extremist, radical element that has hijacked Islam that presents a dangerous threat to both our country and our allies throughout the world.”'

    Seems to me, that's the sentiment of most of the religiously tolerant people in the United States.

  3. And Ellison, the "pretend" Muslom wanna-be would get destroyed. Also- where does it say that wEST hates the guy because he's Muslim, or where does he say he hates Muslim? It doesn't. But when you hold office in the USA- We roll with God not Allah. Take that shit somewhere else. West is right. Ellison is a typical corney ass black guy who isn't hood so he tried to roll like a prison muslim because he needs an identity. We call them in the jail "fake-ass Muslims" or "fams: