Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sen. Inhofe Deftly Handles Attempted Ambush by Fake Politico Reporter

The attached video should serve as a Master Class for elected officials who will inevitably be confronted by people with opposing opinions.

Last Tuesday, Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe was approached by a gentleman claiming to be from Politico and wanting to ask some questions about the topic of Global Warming and Climate Change. It should be noted here that the man doing the ambushing is Mark Hertsgaard, an activist/writer who does not work for or represent Politico. READ MORE...

The girl in the video is a perfect example of a brainwashed libtard. You would think this dork would be asking Nancy Pelosi and HER democrat/progressive/Marxist party for an apology for putting HER generation trillions of dollars in debt in addition to lying to HER about global warming/climate change/global cooling. What will they be calling it next? (Running out of names!)

Liberals are brainwashing an entire generation of young Americans in our schools and most of them vote democrat. Scary...

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