Thursday, February 17, 2011

SOCIALIST TOOLBAG: MSNBC’s O’Donnell Outrageously Attacks Congressman Who Sleeps in His Office as Tax Evader

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What a major douchebag. Do liberals even buy this crap? O'Donnell calls him a tax criminal because the congressman sleeps in his office!

Maybe he should do what DEMOCRAT House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did for 4 years, fly a private jet back and forth to 'San Fran Weirdo' with her posse of drunks costing the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars every year.

OR- Maybe he can do what DEMOCRAT Barney Frank did, run a gay prostitution ring out of his D.C apartment.

OR- He can do what several of Obama's appointees did, people like Tim Geitner. NOT pay his taxes at all!

Will O'Donnell interview REAL tax criminals from his OWN party? (Democrat-Socialist Party)

No, he won't because O'Donnell is a hypocritical wussy.

Liberals ARE idiots...


  1. Hussein O., has an agenda to destroy this nation and usher in sharia law. Hussein O's., father, stepfather, mother, associates, mentors, etc., were all Muslim or embraced Islam. Wake up America!

  2. Odonnel is a fool of the greatest degree. The congressman is actually saving the citizens money. they are provided an allowance for such things and he apparently is saving the taxpayers money.

    Odonnel needs a good ol fashion but whoopin.

  3. Only moral responsible Conservatives are called to the mat by O'donnell. I hope MSNBC gets rid of him faster than they did Olberman.