Wednesday, February 9, 2011

THANKS MOM! 'Heavyweight' Michelle Obama Defends Fatty White House Super Bowl Menu. 'Hippo-Crit?'


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As a boxer, Michelle Obama would easily weigh in as a heavyweight. Who does this woman think she is dictating to Americans what their kids can and can't have to eat? Does she not realize that some young kids need some fatty foods to grow? They need carbohydrates and calories when they're young, energetic and growing. If kids are going to get stuck with broccoli, fish and an apple during lunch everyday, we are going to have kids who look like heroin addicts, crackheads of AIDS patients by the time high school comes around.

'Who is going to protect the quarterback on the football team Michelle?'

If she's already as big as a High School offensive lineman (and she is) what gives her the right to deprive a kid of his meatball subs and fries? Our government is out of control. Typical liberal: 'Do as I say, not as I do.'



  1. Yea yea, save it liberals. Like Michelle Obama will be driving a tiny electric car and pulling into a charging station somewhere on 1-95 while it charges so she can continue with her trip to Trinity church to hear Wright on sunday. Only you dumbass libs will be doing that while she will be rolling in an SUV stuffing a bigmac down her throat. fattasssssssszzz

  2. She's not trying to deprive anyone of anything. Not telling anyone to do anything. Promoting healthy food for kids: whatta crime. If we lived in a day when kids were more young and energetic, instead of playing Call to Duty or looking at The Book of the Faces, maybe we wouldn't need this.

    Broccoli, fish and an apple is a good lunch.

    'Who is going to protect the quarterback on the football team Michelle?'

    Don't worry, there will be plenty of fodder for the hight school, college and NFL maw to chew up and spit out, hobbled for the rest of their natural lives for your puerile entertainment.

  3. You loser. It's not her job, not the governments job to promote this, it's the parents job, whether it be one, two or even a fag couple. It's not promoting because it will use taxpayer dollars to "promote" this. Wake up you idiot, the government has no business doing this. This is about the unions too. But I will assume you are too stupid and naive to figure out what cafeteria SEIU workers get out of this from the taxpayer.

    Also, liberalism has failed miserably when it comes to morals, economics, education, values, patriotism, religion etc..they have destroyed the American family, attacked religion, pushed radical homosexuality and feminized our young boys. The reason they play Call to duty and surf youtube watching sex all day is because of liberalism you idiot.

    Michelle Obama needs to start packing her shit because in 25 months, she's going back to Chicago.

  4. Then I guess it wasn't Laura Bush's job to promote literacy or Nancy Reagan's job to campaign against drug use. Maybe a First Lady has no philanthropic duty. If that's what you think, OK.

    "The government has no business doing this."

    Is Michele Obama "the government?" What force does she have?

  5. "...and feminized our young boys."

    I think Hitler fretted about this, too. Not the Master, Manly Race that will carry "der faderland" to the future.

  6. What power does Michelle have? Are you fu**ing dumb? He husband is the commander in chief dork. How do you libtards get this way? And as for Nancy Regan spouting "Just say no" It was genius! Because it didn't cost anything. Because you're comparing drug use to eating french friens you idiot. If Michelle Obama "promoted" not drinking booze under 21, and didn't create legislation for a campaign against it using tax payers dollars, then good for her!

    But this health kick BS is a smokescreen and her campaign against Obescity will be responsible for laws through the FDA etc..on restaurants, menus, school cafeterias etc...

    As for Laura Bush - If she wants to teach kids how to read, go for it- on your own time, without tax dollars. She should teach liberals how to think rationally, that would be benificial for all Americans.

    If she used that for no child left behind, thats wrong because NCLB was BS>

    Our government has already bankrupted and destroyed social security, medicaid, postal service, Amtrak- got involved with AND destroyed the entire housing market, banking industry, auto industry, department of education, EPA, the list goes on and on!

    The government needs to be more effective, limited and smarter. Stick to what they're supposed to do. When the government starts poking their nose in unions, housing, energy, banking etc..they are a bunch of fuckups and you can't prove me wrong.

    Now they want to regulate restaurants and cafeterias? Tell you what to drive, what energy to use, what to eat, wtf?!?

    Don't be a naive jackass. And I can see you have been feminized. Keep an eye on your girl.

  7. "If Michelle Obama "promoted" not drinking booze under 21, and didn't create legislation for a campaign against it using tax payers dollars, then good for her! "

    Then good for her, because she hasn't created any legislation because she doesn't hold any office. She can't write any. Name one Bill she's written. One.

  8. wow. you're stupid. do you know why 'arguing with idiots' by glenn beck, someone you liberals attack, but can NEVER prove wrong, was a best seller? because of people like you.

    by John Stossel

    Michelle Obama and the Food Police

    Tonight Bill O’Reilly argues with me about Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign, which is meant to “solve the problem of childhood obesity in a generation.”

    He likes her campaign. I don’t.

    If the first lady wants to spend her time and money to persuade us to eat better, fine. But I fear that she wants to spend our time and our money. In her latest speech, she talks about helping grocery stores “locate in underserved areas…getting healthier food into schools…helping our kids become more active, not just in school but at home.”

    Sounds like big government to me.

    For what it’s worth, here is some of the research we dug up to prepare my Michelle Obama discussion:

    In his article “Egg on their Faces,” Steve Malanga points out that “Government dietary advice often proves disastrous.”

    Starting in the 1970s… the American Heart Association advised people to reduce drastically their consumption of eggs as part of a goal to limit total cholesterol intake to 300 milligrams a day (a single egg can have 250 milligrams). The recommendation, seconded by government and other public-health groups, prompted a sharp drop in the consumption of eggs, a food that nutritionists praise as low in calories and high in nutrients. In 2000, the AHA revised its restrictions on eggs to one a day (from a onetime low of three a week)… To what purpose? A 2004 article in The Journal of Nutrition that looked at worldwide studies of egg consumption noted that the current restrictions on eating eggs are “unwarranted for the majority of people and are not supported by scientific data.”


    As a recent review of the latest research in Scientific American pointed out, ever since the first set of federal guidelines appeared in 1980, Americans heard that they had to reduce their intake of saturated fat by cutting back on meat and dairy products and replacing them with carbohydrates. Americans dutifully complied. Since then, obesity has increased sharply, and the progress that the country has made against heart disease has largely come from medical breakthroughs like statin drugs, which lower cholesterol, and more effective medications to control blood pressure.

    Malanga also notes that new FDA guidelines recommend a maximum of 1500 milligrams of salt daily (down from 2300). One hypertension expert observed that the government’s salt war is a giant uncontrolled experiment with the public’s health.

    Here are a few more reasons why government shouldn’t tell us what to eat:

    We’re living longer than ever! 80 yrs today vs. 57 yrs 80 yrs ago

    A CDC study found that more people die every year from being underweight than overweight! And that moderately overweight people live longer than those at normal weight.

    Government was once excited about BMI index. (body-mass index) Gov Mike Huckabee had all Arkansas kids tested! But BMI is a lousy measure of health. According to BMI: Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger are obese; GWBush and George Clooney are “overweight”

    Calorie counts on menu boards don’t work: people STILL don’t take in fewer calories! A study at McDonald’s , Burger King, Wendy’s, and Kentucky Fried Chicken found that people ordered MORE
    calories after the labeling law went into effect.

    What’s junk food? Chicago’s new candy tax defines sweets that contain flour as “food” – w/o flour as “candy.” (Hershey bar? Candy. But Kit Kats, Twix, Twizzlers –are “food”) O.j. and apple juice? More calories than Coke! (97 v 120/cup)

    "Protect the children?" Children are the responsibility of their parents. When the state assumes the role of parent, it makes children of all of us.

    read the rest here-

  9. Stossel's handwringing is misplaced, in my opinion.

    Here's a link to her program to fight childhood obesity

    I looked through it for about 10 minutes. Didn't see anything too dangerous or subversive. Looks like their raising money privately.

    Scary stuff, huh?

  10. "But BMI is a lousy measure of health. According to BMI: Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger are obese; GWBush and George Clooney are “overweight”"

    That's a red herring Stossel is tossing out. BMI is not meant to measure health. It's meant to measure weight to height. Athletes in intense training will skew the body mass higher because they have more muscle. For the vast majority, BMI is good measurement.

  11. wow, i can believe how dumb and naive and slow libtards are. tax dollars are being used, whether you agree or not. laws will be placed in effect on restaurants and schools. it's already in the works. more $$ for the SEIU workers (cafeteria/ball parks/etc)

    michelle is the wife of the President and through his southpaw signature, this big mama shit will go through.

    all you retarded, ignorant liberals might want to read a book called "nudge" written by your hero cass sunstein, which explains how to slowly take control of every aspect of even your pathetic liberal lives.

    Conservatives and libertarians are too smart to fall for that bullshit, but libs do. what a myth- libs are smart? lmao....c'mon man,.

  12. "written by your hero cass sunstein,"

    Heroes are overrated, and he's not one of them. The only thing I know about Sunstein is what Beck says between his ads for footie pajamas and survival food (ever wonder why on conservative talk radio why there's ads for a company that makes something for people to stop grinding their teeth in their sleep). But rave on, Glenn. It's gotta be a crazy feelin'.