Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2012 Hopeful Herman Cain Blasts Obama for Omitting Declaration’s ‘Creator’

Herman Cain may not have officially declared his presidential candidacy yet, but he sure sounds like he’s on the campaign trail.

Appearing yesterday with Greta Van Susteren, Cain discussed what people should look for in a new president (not surprisingly, it sounded a lot like himself) and also took a shot at Barack Obama. Cain’s jab focused on Obama omitting “on purpose”* the word “Creator” during past recitations of the Declaration of Independence. He went on to extol the Founders, saying they “got it right.”

According to Cain, Obama’s omissions mean “something’s wrong.” And while he admitted he is a religious man, he did not go as far as to say Obama is not:


  1. he would be the 1st black president and this racist white tea partier would vote for him. throw a woman like bachman on the ticket..it would drive libs nuts that a woman and a minority are running for the republican party!

  2. Go ahead and try to drive us nuts. Please.

  3. Herman Cain is the only man who can run head to head against Obama. He is the only man who can be trusted to fight hard enough against the one who was so easily beat last time but political correctness allowed into our Whitehouse.
    Cain/ Allen= excellent ticket for success in SAVING AMERICA!