Friday, March 18, 2011

'ANTI-GOD' NETWORK: Beck Responds to MSNBC‘s ’Work of Fiction’ Attack on The Bible. Lawrence O’Donnell Begs for Viewers While Blasting Bible and Beck

On Thursday evening, MSNBC host Lawrence O‘Donnell brazenly declared that the Bible’s Book of Revelation is a “work of fiction” about a “truly vicious” mass murdering God that “no half-smart religious person actually believes.”

On Friday morning, conservative radio host Glenn Beck fired back at O’Donnell and his network, asserting “MSNBC has become the most anti‑god network ever put on the air in the history of America.”

O‘Donnell doesn’t understand or believe in the Bible or Book of Revelation, Beck said, because “progressives believe that they are God. They will have collective salvation and they will fix everything.”

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We‘ve always known Lawrence O’Donnell holds a certain disdain for Glenn Beck. Now we know how he feels about God and the Bible, too.

Yes, he just begged for more viewers

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