Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AWESOME! 'The View' Erupts After Trump Demands Obama's Birth Certificate

And as usual, leave it to Joy Behar to make the dumbest statement out of the 'bimbo' crew. Her defense of Obama NOT showing his real birth certificate and why it's so important for the President of the Unites States of America to be born here?

'Well no one asked George Bush to show his birth certificate.'

Joy Behar is an idiot...

Whoopi takes second place with her dumb statement, 'Is Hawaii not part of the United States?' As if that clears up Obama NOT being born here or being a U.S citizen. Whoopi also misses the point that Trump believes Obama was born in the U.S, and just wants to see evidence, so it doesn't matter what state he 'claims' he's from.

Obama is hiding much more than just his birth, whether it be Hawaii or Kenya. Why has he sealed ALL his college records? Why does he spend millions of dollars, more than his annual salary, to defend showing his birth certificate? That's some shady behavior...

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