Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beck TV: Do We Really Need the Federal Reserve?


  1. I personally dislike Beck as he has stabbed several TEA party folks in the back. That being said I think he is right on several things but how can he slam the fed yet support our interventionist wars? Our actions overseas are supported by the FED's action, they go hand in hand.

  2. You do have a valid point. While Beck does some things we don't like, the bottom line is he's telling the truth about the progressive movements goals. Hannity is a guy who does some things we don't like, but he does a great job at exposing liberal hypocrisy and some other things. If we agree with them 70-80% of the time, that's not a bad thing considering the alternatives (nbc,cnn,abc,cbs,nsnbc, liberal radio-NPR etc..)