Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beck TV: Where Are Obama’s Priorities?

President Barack Obama’s response to a number of unfolding crises — including the recent earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan — have many puzzled.

On Saturday, Obama ignored the devastation in Japan and headed to the golf course. Instead of speaking about Japan, Libya’s revolution, protests in Wisconsin or our country’s own financial straits, the president used his Weekly Address to comment on equal pay for women.

As nuclear crisis continued to loom in Japan, President Obama welcomed ESPN to the White House Tuesday to tape his bracket picks for March Madness.

During his Tuesday evening Fox News broadcast, host Glenn Beck wondered: Why is Obama “ignoring earth-changing problems”?

Earlier Tuesday, FNC host Megyn Kelly hosted a debate on Obama’s priorities where one guest speculated the president has an “aversion to leadership”:


  1. "As nuclear crisis continued to loom in Japan,"

    The previous post has a Mr. Zubrin say that the nuclear crisis is being shamefully exaggerated by the media. Now in this post, there's a looming nuclear crisis. Does it become a nuclear crisis when you can use it to criticize Obama?

  2. Umm Obama doesnt need any help in the criticiam department and if youre confused about that, just look over this brutally honest blog. Obama does it to himself with the help of the progressive american media. they suck this guys nuts and its pathetic. who the hell goes golfing and fills out ncaa brackets and goes on vacation during the crisis in japan Libya and hello; America!!! Un fu**ing real. Obama should be immediatly IMPEACHED!!! The guys doesnt know what the hell to do other than spend our $$ on progressive social programs and re-election campaigns for other jackasses who are ruining this country-including his own. The man is a walking moron liberal. I dont understand where you people come from. I despised Bush because he did a horrible job and wasnt a "conservative republican" the man was a democrat. I still dont know why the left hates Bush, he was a liberal. He screwed up a war, spended too much money, expanded government and was a poor leader. Isnt that a perfect democrat!??

    As for this crisis in Japan, the nuclear crisis, is a crisis, but if you can't understand the difference between the two posts, than you are even "stupider" than I thought. The media is totally exxaggerating about the real problem, and Obama is ignoring it because he has no idea what the hell he's got himself into. Obama is used to getting "C"s in class, studying Marxism and spitting lies through a bull horn to poor uneducated black folks for their votes. Get a life kid will ya?

  3. You're post is incoherent, ron. Off subject, mostly and just, incoherent.

  4. you keep thinking that...

  5. No one is saying their isn't a "crisis" period. But if you listen to the media, the anti-nuclear energy, anti-nuclear missile GREEN scam Media, you would think a Chernobyl times 1000 is going to happen, when the radiation threat is One- one billion'th of what happened at Chernobyl. The actual crisis is the rescue effort, now recovery effort thanks to help from media panic (and cold water temps).

    Tens of thousands died from a Tsunami, None have died from a nuclear meltdown!! But you wouldn't know that listening to GAYBC, NBC etc...

    Obama doesn't have to be superman, but don't play golf, throw a party, plan a vacation, fill out NCAA bracketts and wait a few days before saying something so stupid and unpresidential. It was like the BP spill, seeing it an opportunity to "go green" instead of addressing the problem and helping with the effort to clean up and prevent future spills. The guy is an opportunist con artist. Now with this Japan, Libya, unemployment, 14 trillion debt, government shutdown looming, this clown just doesn't seem to care or know what to do. It's shameful.

    If Bush had done what Obama did......???