Thursday, March 10, 2011

BRAINWASHED IDIOTS: Columbia University Students: We Need to Fight Al Qaeda With Love

In the latest installment of “Watters’ World,” "O’Reilly Factor" producer Jesse Watters went to Columbia University and asked students: “Is there a Muslim problem in the world?”


  1. Teachers, professors and parents should be charged with child abuse if they're indoctrinating our youth with stupidity.

  2. the guy in the hat is awesome! lol.....dumb ass, but funny. As for the blonde , it's a shame to see such a hot piece of ass who is really stupid. she will be better on her knees facing forward/mouth shut.

  3. The fact that this guy made fun of the girl for saying that not all muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are muslims shows me that he is just as out of touch as the idiot with the headphones.