Friday, March 18, 2011

DOJ to White Male Bullying Victims: Tough Luck . (Thank a White Liberal!)

DOJ to white male bullying victims: Tough luck

The viral video sensation showing a bullying incident at an Australian school has brought the issue of bullying back into the spotlight. Here in the United States, the Obama administration has made school bullying a federal issue. Last week, President Barack Obama addressed an anti-bullying conference with First Lady Michelle Obama at his side. The administration's anti-bullying campaign has been ongoing since the beginning of Mr. Obama's term. The Department of Justice announced in December 2010 its intention to hold liable school districts that fail to protect students that are bullied.

DOJ’s website states:

You can thank your local WHITE liberal for this bias law. Their voting record and support for self-loathing white liberal politicians make this possible.

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