Thursday, March 24, 2011

GET READY TO VOMIT: White House’s ObamaCare Infomercial Features Starstruck College Students Praising Obama

Pure propaganda and you're paying for it...


  1. whatta fagggggg, are these people serious? do even idiot liberals believe this crap? wow, and they claim to be intelligent?

    this kid is a sissy. he should be mad at Obama for lying to him during the campaign, waging war, breaking promises etc...he should tell obama what a horrible job hes doing, how many states we really have, that he wasnt a product of selma, that asthma patients dont need breathalizers when they go to the ER and to stop gaying America thru our education system while spending us into fuc*ing oblivian and not creating jobs!!!!!!
    get a spine you wussy dork!

    Someone should tell your girl to go get a real man..

  2. Funny macho posturing....