Monday, March 7, 2011

Bernie Goldberg Slams Liberal Elitist NYT Editor Who Insulted Fox News Viewers


  1. These guys can jabber on all they want. The New York Times is still the best newspaper in the world.

  2. thats why their broke, their circulation is down big time, and it's now nicknamed 'the rag.' blame it on the internet and starbucks all you want, but the fact remains that the NY Times is a biased, dishonest newspaper, and thanks to the cable news network with the highest ratings, crushing all competitors, for exposing them for the frauds they really are; including the worlds worst economist, hands down, Paul Krugman. Youre a fag....the NYT is a rag.

    How do you liberals become that stupid? Is it drugs? Hypnotized? Retardation? Or the proven theory- a mental disorder?