Friday, March 4, 2011

Illiterate Racist Readers: Piven Audio Interview Features Wildly Profane Insults About The Blaze, Our Readers And Beck (Content Warning)

Frances Fox Piven is a radical, evil, sick woman, who helped create the 'Cloward and Piven' strategy, a strategy to collapse the U.S. economy.

Beck's website 'The Blaze' is an honest, high traffic website that exposes the left-wing using facts and video evidence to back it up, which is why the left is responding with personal attacks and insults. It's what the left is good at...

Unfortunately for these progressive radio shows, no one is listening to them because no one believes them. Progressives are anti-American, anti-capitalist hypocrites, liars and con artists who claim they represent social justice, the poor and the middle class, but who are really oppressors of every class.

These progressive dirtbags hate America, capitalism, conservatives, libertarians, and they don't take to kind to facts and evidence, which 'The Blaze' provides. Going into attack mode and name calling is expected from these left-wing lunatics.


  1. "the left is responding with personal attacks and insults. It's what the left is good at..."

    The people who post and moderate on this are pretty skilled at it, too. You learn from us, or us from you?

  2. Can you swim? Because you missed the boat and you're really late slow one.

    I think it's okay to name call and insult-whatever, to people who deserve it. Like people who are really trying to hurt Americans, destroy our economy, promote abortion, raise taxes, depend on foreign oil etc...I also think it's okay to call someone names as long as while you're responding to something you disagree with or arguing with someone, make sure your are also providing facts and getting your point across with evidence. Don't just name call as your argument.

    EXAMPLE- How is MSNBC bias? ANSWER- "Those scumfucks cropped a picture of a black tea partier libertarian carrying a rifle to make him look like a white guy and said he was a republican. Then tried to make the story about a angry white republican bringing a gun to a tea party where a black president was. What a piece of shit network. Contessa Brewer is such a cunt because she knew this was fraudulent video."

    You see, I name called, because they deserved it, but I still got my point across and I could also provide the full video showing the guy. Do you get what I'm saying?

  3. Yeah, I understand what you're saying. I'm saying that people don't have to agree with each other. But I think they can respect each other, without resorting to personal insults. Bill Bennett says (quoting the great Greek thinkers) the keystone to great discussion are Candor, Honesty and Good Will.

  4. actually Frances,, what is posted are YOUR OWN WORDS, which frankly prove you to be TREASONOUS and SEDITIOUS