Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obama Flashback: Toppling Brutal Dictator A ‘Dumb War.' The Press Ignores Another Obama Hypocrisy Moment...

Did Obama say that?

Yes he did! In 2002 when Obama was busy voting “present” in the Illinois state senate he lashed out at President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq. Obama made the case that being a brutal dictator was not enough to authorize his removal from power. Courtesy of CNS News here is an excerpt of Obama’s comments at a Chicago anti-war rally (emphasis mine): READ MORE...

We don't call them 'idiots' for nothing...

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  1. Is the U.S. invading Libya? -- No

    Is the U.S. in command of NATO forces? -- No, a Canadian general is.

    There is not valid comparison between Iraq and Libya. Unless the population of Iraq was engaged in active revolt. Were they? - No.