Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trump on Obama's Birth Certificate: 'Maybe It Says He's a Muslim'

Trump on Obamacare, unions, illegal immigration, abortion and gay marriage.

Trump on whether there is a Muslim problem in the world and Obama's birth certificate controversy.


  1. Si it seems Trump is OK with govt run healthcare but he wants a private option as well. Great on the private option but we will still be paying for the govt side. Just like of you homeschool you will still end up paying school taxes.

    I wonder what his take is on the three wars we are in.

  2. Glad to see Trump on one hand wish for no or less regulation on Wall Street and then state all the forgeries and cheating on Wall street that makes him think Obama's birth notice was faked

  3. he means less reg. not none. it was government involvement that destroyed the housing/bank/wall street and the wrong regulation. you expect these jackasses to get it right?

    i have my real long form birth certificate, Obama doesn't. He's a shady piece of garbage and lies about everything. even these dumb asses like Jon Stewart are finally calling him out 2 years later. please....