Sunday, March 20, 2011

WARMONGER!! 48 Killed 150 Injured in Libya Civilian Areas. Obama the Nobel “PEACE” Prize Winner? Will Obama Get the Bush Treatment From the Left?

CAIRO, March 20 (AP) - (Kyodo)—Forty-eight people were killed and 150 others injured in "civilian areas" in airstrikes by allied forces including the United States, Britain and France, Libyan state television reported Sunday, according to Reuters news agency.
Reuters quoted a statement by the Libyan armed forces read out on the TV as saying that the country's capital Tripoli, as well as Sirte, Benghazi, Misrata and Zuwarah were attacked.

The allied forces launched the attacks on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's troops Saturday during a U.N.-mandated intervention to protect citizens from forces loyal to the longtime ruler.

Wasn't it the progressives who during the Bush years coined the term “No blood for Oil?” I wonder if that still applies today.

We're still waiting on those creepy 'Code Pink' supporting anti-war progressives to call out Obama for his killing of innocent civilians, all in the name of oil!

We are at war with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya...and let's not forget, Barack Obama is also destroying the Unites States of America and he's also at war with conservatives, the tea party, white males, Christians and FOX news!

Will Obama fundraiser and 'code pink' founder Medea Benjamin storm the White House with her entourage of fake-feminist libtards with chants of 'war criminal?' Will these anti-war liberals now want to impeach Obama?

Probably not. Liberals are the biggest hypocrites on the planet, so we will have stand by and do what Obama does best when he doesn't know the answers, we will continue to 'monitor the situation.' We're sure Obama will continues to con his uneducated sheep supporters and the pathetic mainstream media.

Barack Hussein Obama, the 'constitutional' law professor?


  1. "do what Obama does best when he doesn't know the answers, we will continue to 'monitor the situation."

    No, he appears to be taking a pretty active hand. Do you agree with his actions? Do you support it? Do you think it's in the national interest of the United States? That's all that matters. Who cares what Code Pink thinks. Did you care about what they thought before?

  2. I think there are some wide distinctions between an invasion like what happened in Iraq and the U.S., French and British actions to enforce a no-fly zone and protect civilians which was approved the UN Security Council.

  3. We're just pointing out the incredible hypocrisy by Obama, most democrats, some republicans and the media. We shouldn't interfere at all in Libya. We have already spent near a billion dollars already and for what? 80% of the rebels support Sharia, so we are going to help them? That's ridiculous... Unless they're a true threat to us, stay out. If they pose a serious threat to us, turn Libya into an ash trey. Just our opinion, no sleep lost here.