Thursday, April 28, 2011

AGAIN, SHE'S RIGHT: Palin: Media Trying to Make 'Curious Americans Sound Kind of Crazy.' VIDEO: 'Crazy' Lawrence O'Donnell Attacks 'Birther' Guest

Again, Sarah Palin is dead on. The liberals in the media are the ones who need their heads examined. Just watch the exchange below between Orly Taitz and MSNBC's admitted angry 'socialist' (not 'objective' journalist) Lawrence O'Donnell.

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MSNBC‘s Lawrence O’Donnell abruptly ended an interview with queen birther Orly Taitz Wednesday after screaming at her for several minutes.

Things turned ugly when “The Last Word” host refused to allow his guest to discuss President Obama’s Selective Service certificate and Taitz responded by saying, “Your program is nothing but Obama propaganda machine”

Taitz even predicted that she wouldn't be allowed to speak because the last time she was a guest on MSNBC, she was treated like garbage by the slobbering Obama supporting MSNBC. Lawrence O'Donnell, who CLEARLY has a mental disorder, didn't give Taitz a chance to discuss Obama's selective service certificate.

Barrack Obama used the SSN 042-68-4425 on his Selective Service Form. One problem; That SSN was issued to Jean Paul Ludwig. Is Barrack Obama guilty of social security fraud? Is this new birth certificate real? People have a right to know this information.

Barack Obama has already been proven to be a compulsive liar. Barack Obama has broken several campaign promises. Barack Obama boasted of 'transparency' when running for President, but he's the most vindictive, secretive and corrupt President in U.S. history. The mainstream media (ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NY Times etc..) is extremely biased, left-wing and protective of President Obama. The media is in LOVE with Obama and they're NOT doing their job.

These so-called journalists are PATHETIC. Remember, leading psychologists have diagnosed 'liberalism' as a 'mental disorder' for good reason. Just watch the video again, and you will see who the CRAZY one is! Even if you disagree with your guest, let them speak! Why the hell did O'Donnell even invite Taitz on if he wasn't going to let her speak? It's an easy answer, because O'Donnell is an angry, liberal idiot.

You have to LOVE Donald Trumps response to the WH releasing this birth certificate! Listen and watch how ANGRY the disturbed 'Obamamainia' media gets with Trump. Shouldn't they be getting mad with 'Mr. Transparency' Barack Hussein Obama for waiting over two years to release this birth certificate? You would think!

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  1. I am 100% convinced the Lawrence O'Donnell masterbates to Barack Obama, then when he's ready to explode, Matthews catches it and swallows it. Really.