Sunday, April 10, 2011

Andrew Sullivan Schools Maher And Spitzer: Then Maher Says We Need 'A Class War' (Don't We Already Have 'A Class War' Because Of The Left-Wing?)

Bill Maher and Eliot Spitzer on Friday's "Real Time" not surprisingly attacked Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) for his 2012 budget proposal.

Showing glimpses of the conservative that used to occupy his body many years ago, the Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan not only defended the Republican as deserving a lot of credit for his bold plan, but also exposed Maher and Spitzer as ignorant hypocrites when it comes to the nation's fiscal policy.

Bill Maher was his usual understated self on Real Time tonight, urging everyday Americans to begin "a class war" on Wall Street. And he illustrated the need for such a fight by drawing a comparison to the backlash received by one Charlie Sheen after his disastrous show in Detroit.

Bill Maher mentions that GE is not paying any taxes despite making billions in profits, but conveniently forgets to mention that this was done through his favorite president Barack Obama, and that the CEO of GE, Jeffrey Immelt, sits on Obama's economic advisory board! Why didn't Maher mention that?

And it was then Senator Barack Obama who fought relentlessly to force banks to make those bad 'horseshit' loans Bill Maher talks about. Why didn't Maher mention that?

It's a good thing for that 'sorry ass' Bill Maher that his audience are a bunch of giggling retarded sheep.

'HEY BILL!' Class warfare is already in place because of liberals like you. If it wasn't for those 'evil rich people,' there wouldn't be a middle-class in this country. And the people who 'think' they're poor in America, would be really poor, as in 'Haiti-Kenya' poor, NOT 'America poor' as in NOT having to work, but still managing to have running water, electricity, flatscreens, digital cable, food stamps, car notes, booze, cigarettes, digital cable HDTV and the ability to sleep until noon every day all courtesy of a government that gets almost ALL of their tax revenue courtesy of...... you ready?


Give us a break...

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