Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CHILD ABUSE: Obama Complains to Schoolchildren About His Job, Then Lies to Them About 'Honest' Debate...

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UNREAL: Obama Tells Kids: "Sometimes I Get Frustrated That the Debates Aren’t As Honest As I Want Them to Be"


Today Barack Obama told a group of school kids in Washington,

“Sometimes I get frustrated that the debates aren’t as honest as I want them to be.”

This comes from the same guy who just raised the annual budget by nearly $1 trillion, then grudgingly agreed to cut a mere $38 billion dollars, and then told Americans we need to live within our means.

Jake Tapper wrote this wonderful fluff piece about Obama’s visit with the kids today today. ABC reported: READ MORE...


  1. Smart parents, keep your kid away from Obama, or he/she will be just like the giggling idiots and dumb kid in the front row with the Obama t-shirt on, thinking they just met the greatest President in U.S history, when in fact, they're sweating a Marxist, anti-American, corrupt, compulsive lying community organizer who managed to con his way into the white house with a dumbed down society and a disgusting media who didnt do their job.

  2. i couldn't agree more...