Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heckler Handcuffed at Allen West Townhall Is Former Air America Host. UPDATE: Misogynistic Teabagger:‘ Lib Radio Host’s Angry Rant Hours Before Arrest

Disgusting progressive liberal. Why would anyone want to be affiliated with a party run by mental patients like this?

FORT LAUDERDALE — U.S. Rep. Allen West’s first town hall meeting since voting for a controversial Medicare proposal saw three hecklers removed — one in handcuffs — from a generally supportive crowd of about 500. READ MORE...


UPDATE- Misogynistic Teabagger:‘ Lib Radio Host’s Angry Allen West Rant Hours Before Being Arrested

Two things worth mentioning:

1. Every time you hear the term “teabagger,” you now know that there are many out there who use it knowing full well that it is a vile sexual reference.

2. Allen West was not kicked out of the military. He retired. And although there was some controversy surrounding the end of his career, “Ninety-five members of Congress signed a letter to the secretary of the Army supporting the colonel.” Read about it here.

So, a white liberal attacks a black conservative congressman. It must be racism! Where's the media on this? A white woman disagrees with a black representitive, isn't that racism? According to the left it is, which is why the 'left' = 'crazy.'

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