Sunday, April 24, 2011

HOLLYWOOD FOOLS: Celebrities Gone Stupid! From the Talented and 'Racist' Jamie Foxx, to 'Eco-tards' Amy Smart and Jessica Alba...

Yea, Obama's smooth alright! He's a compulsive liar who is ruining and dividing the entire country, destroying our good health care system in the name of improving it for everyone, and spending more money than all previous 43 presidents combined! That's one smoove brutha! (NOT)

As long as we don't have a 'cracker' president, who cares what damage the 'smooth' Barack Obama does to our poor and middle class, right? Apparently, Jamie Foxx supports $4.00 a gallon gas for working families, 14 trillion dollars of debt for their kids to pay, the gaying of our youth, further destruction of the public schools, aborting millions of black babies, supporting open borders, amnesty for illegals and boasting a young black unemployment rate at nearly 40%! That alone must make Obama so smooth!

The thought of having a non-black president must haunt the racist Jamie Foxx every night he goes to sleep. A little hint Jamie, 'we still don't have a black president and if it wasn't for those white people you seem to dislike so much, you wouldn't be that rich.'

Only an idiot like Jamie Foxx can go from cheering, 'Free Tookie Williams,' the murdering scumbag death row inmate, to 'Four more years' for the worst president in U.S. history...

Jessica Alba Seeking Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas (After she gets back from her vacation via private jet)
Because with more 'eco' Easter baskets, the world will be saved! Wow, and there's idiots out there who are actually influenced by Alba's political views. Scary...

Amy Smart (not so much) now engaged to HGTV's Carter Oosterhouse, an 'eco-carpenter' she met at a 'green charity' event in 2010. (Don't puke on your keyboard yet)

Amy Smart beams as she takes a stroll with new fiancé just hours after announcing engagement

Just three months after announcing that they were a couple, Amy Smart and her TV carpenter boyfriend Carter Oosterhouse are getting married.

The 35-year-old revealed the happy news that Oosterhouse, 34, had proposed at the Celebration of Earth Day event in New York yesterday.
She told Us Weekly that the engagement is 'very new' and 'very exciting' after referring to her man as her 'fiancé'.

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  1. and she drives a hybrid...ummm, well, after she flies from new york to LA and putting out tons of carbon, but who cares about that.