Saturday, April 30, 2011

Krauthammer: It's Funny to Hear Liberals Talk About How Awful it is to Delegitimize a President After What They Did to George W.Bush

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think it’s somewhat amusing to hear people on the left talking about how awful it is to delegitimize a president when they spent half a decade saying that George Bush stole the election. The bumper stickers “Reelect Al Gore,” and questioning the legitimacy of his victory in 2000. So, on that issue there’s a double standard and hypocrisy.

Two of the liberals on the panel clearly weren't pleased by this comment:


NINA TOTENBERG, NPR: That’s not personal.

KING: Consider the people who were doing it.

KRAUTHAMMER: You guys have spoken for about eight minutes. Let me have one minute here.

That's not personal? The attacks on George W. Bush throughout his eight years in office weren't personal?

Oh, that's right. When liberals mercilessly attack a conservative, it's well-reasoned. But when the shoe is on the other foot, it's personal.

Any questions?

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