Wednesday, April 13, 2011

JACKASS Bill Maher to Maddow on the GOP: 'I Hate Them as Much as You Do.' Supports Taxpayer Funded Gang Member Tattoo Removal As 'Investment' WTF?!?

Bill Maher Tuesday made a statement on MSNBC that would be truly embarrassing for the so-called news network if any of its executives cared at all about being an impartial disseminator of information.

At the end of an almost thirteen minute interview with Rachel Maddow, the comedian said of Republicans, "I hate them as much as you do." READ MORE...

NOTE- Bill Maher is not only a jackass because he believes taxpayers should pay for irresponsible parents and their children, but because he also believes that 'gang tattoo removal' should be provided for by the taxpayers. Maher even went on to say he considered this 'an investment.'

Bill Maher believes that YOU the taxpaying, law-abiding, producer of society should go to work every day and have even more of your salary confiscated to pay for illegal alien/MS-13/Bloods/Crips/Latin Kings and other gang scum to have their tattoos removed so they can....get this.... 'have a better future and a better chance at landing a good job.'

It's no wonder Maher wants to legalize drugs, he's always under the influence of them when he opens his mouth to give his idiotic opinions.

Why stop at tattoo removal? Maher (and Maddow) must also want YOU, the hard-working, law-abiding, taxpaying, producer of society, to pay for the gang members suit for their job interview, a new car to get to their new job interview, fuel for that vehicle to go back and forth to that job IF they are hired and what the hell, let's throw in a new home and free health care! They need a place to live right? Electric, water, cable, Ipads and free college tuition too right? This is the liberal mindset. It's why we are 14 trillion in debt AND growing!

Yes! Liberals ARE idiots...

If the pathetic MSNBC would just lose Bill Maher and Al Sharpton alone, they would decrease their ignorant guest pool by 50% and maybe even increase their ratings.

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