Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Black Panthers Day of Action Anti-Semitic Attack & Tea Party Threats of Armed Men With Serious Consequences

The 'rubber brother' and 'play Muslim' Malik Zulu Shabazz, real name 'Paris' from L.A, should change his gangs name to 'The New White Liberal Loving Kittens.'

Maybe the democrats will now start paying and busing the New Black Panthers to show up in protest like they have to do for those lazy, uninspired ACORN and union workers, teachers, college students and communist organization members. They better not put the Black Panthers in the back of the buses to transport them to the tea party...they might cry racism.

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  1. If more blacks became educated, and conservative, there would be less racism, incarceration, teen pregnancy, drug use, crime, better quality neighborhoods and schools, lower unemployment rates, lower welfare and single motherhood rates, lower dropout rates, less poverty and disease,,,,, but remember, that means less democrat votes. So the democrats keep these "animals in their cages" confined to the high rises and concrete jungle projects with free government checks, poor education, and their loyal vote every year. Isn't that swell!

    Blacks who vote democrat are selling out and some don't even realize it. They might have to turn off BET, NBC, Tavis Smiley and pick up a book and read it or something. Ouch,,,