Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Obama Caught Lying (Again) About Coal Creating 'Asthma for Kids Nearby' (This From the Guy Who Thinks Asthma Patients Go to the ER for Breathalizers)

Again, Obama is blowing smoke up the as*ses of the American people...

( – President Barack Obama claimed that coal could create "the kinds of air pollution" that is "creating asthma for kids," in speaking at a town hall event in Annandale, Va., on Tuesday. However, the National Institutes of Health says that “the exact cause of asthma isn’t known” and that “asthma is different for each person.” READ MORE...

What does Obama know about asthma? (The next time someone calls Sarah Palin 'dumb' show them this clip, then bitch-slap them)

Obama makes a gaffe, idiots in audience giggle, Obama then makes his excuse for being ignorant, idiots accept his excuse, help him by yelling hints at him when he can't figure out his math, and move on....nothing to see here. Unbelievable..

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  1. how in the world did this jackass become president. "dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb" Americans!!!!