Tuesday, April 19, 2011

OBAMA LIES, LOSES COOL, SINKS IN APPROVAL: GOP Plan Is 'No Government, Homeless on the Streets, Bridges Collapsing' VIDEO: ‘Let Me Finish My Answers’

The arrogant con artist Barack Obama losing his cool...

Obama again attacking the GOP for wanting misery, which is what the democrats (liberals) have been creating for over 50 years...

Unemployment under Obama has reached double digits, meaning more homelessness.

The housing market, which Obama helped collapse as a Senator, might also contribute to homelessness.

Stimulus money being spent to get re-elected and used to indoctrinate young Americans might explain why there's not much money going to infrastructure, where our TAX money is SUPPOSED to be going! It's not supposed to be funnelled to organizations like ACORN, LaRaza, Planned Parenthood, CAIR, the Unions, 'too many to list' lavish vacations and campaign ads trying to sell a dishonest failing health care plan and ARTS programs, the biggest waste of all...

Obama’s Personal Popularity Sinks to Career Low

Independents running from Obama (The Race Crad Awaits!)

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