Saturday, April 2, 2011

Obama Pushes New Energy Standards for Vehicles … Except His Own

"People don't want to drive Smart cars and Chevy Volts Obama, get that through your think head!" (This driver wasn't that 'smart' was he?)

In his weekly address, President Obama addresses energy security (transcript), both trying to show that his administration has been friendly to the idea of drilling at home and pushing the idea that alternative energy solutions are still needed. A cornerstone of his energy policy relies on more energy-efficient vehicles: READ MORE...


  1. 50 mpg and he's dead! between gun control laws and forcing americans thru high gas prices to drive these bitch cars , the democrats have killed tens of thousands of people.

  2. Get a big gun and a big car if you need something to compensate for your anatomical shortcomings. Who cares what you do?

  3. "This driver wasn't that 'smart' was he?"

    The photo is real. But it's actually an SUV in the picture. So I don't know what this has to do with Volts or Smarts. Five minutes of research was all that was needed.

    Yet another lyin' post on idiots4obama.

  4. Oooooohhh what a major scandal!!!! idiots4obama lies about totalled smart car photo!

    Headlines! Oh my, we must be getting like Media Matters now right? Lying about everything!

    What a tool bag whining liberal. We replaced the photo, and we don't trust snopes because they have been wrong plenty before, but if this stops your tampon from clotting, we will help you out. Maybe it was an SUV , who cares.

    Out of almost what, 3000 posts, we have made our 2nd mistake! Oh my and a major one at that! (Can you name the "another lie" because we don't see it)

    You must drive one of these huh? You know you have a severe mental disorder right? Well, you do...

  5. I know I do. I'm just one step away from spending my days putting together a obsessive-compulsive website full of vulgar talk and dragged over YouTube videos devoted to trashing the president and the people who might have voted for him. Oh, wait -- Sorry about that. That's your schtick.

  6. Oh, kinda like what the left did when GWB was president right? Except this time, Obama is doing all of the damage himself and the MSMedia is covering for him, "carry his water" and sites like this who expose not only Obama's radical policies that most Americans despise, but expose the stupidity of his supporters, people like you, and I think it's 100% fact that you people are idiots. Why are sites like the blaze, hotair, big government all high traffic? Why does right-wing talk radio have high traffic? why? It's because they expose this fraud Marxist that you support. It's because we real American tax paying producers can't get honest news from nbc, abc,cbs, cnn anymore.

    The reason you have a problem with the videos is because you can't dispute them. That must really bother you, huh? It sucks when people on the left incriminate themselves and are too stupid to realize there's video rolling. What do you think about that? How about you look over this site, see what your dirtbag dumbacrats are saying on video, then go into white trash liberal attack mode.

    Now, go see a shrink. I have no idea why you would defend the actions of a President who is a compulsive liar. He's intentionally destroying the country whether you believe it or not, it doesn't matter, the evidence is there you moron. And why isn't GE paying taxes? Big corp. that ships jobs overseas? You libs are the biggest hypocrites in the world and you make me wanna puke on my kepyboard.

    Your warmonger, Muslim in chief bailed out unions, backed BP, in bed with GE, AARP, Goldman Sachs, etc....and Obama just goes on "mr Transparency" (Most secretive president ever) and lies to you turds about it and you defend him?

    F.U.* K Y.O.U

  7. All I see on here is true and honest information. I don't know where these lies are at. It's pretty easy to spot lies, but from what I see, this blog pretty much nails it. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean their wrong. And if Obama was so great, how come almost 2/3 of his voters have buyers remorse? Why is his approval ratings so low? What about all of his hypocritical statements on war and his 63 rounds of gold during them? He is always lying and scheming, it takes him days to respond to the public because they have to get their lies straight. The media never challenges him. He's so corrupt in dealing with unions, corporations and vindictive towards others. He's a community organizer, and thats what co's do, they lie and con people.I know several in my city, ex-felons/community organizers who prey on the poor. I hope people wake up and vote for Ron Paul this time if he runs.

  8. After spending time listening to Ron Paul, I bet a lot of people fall dead asleep and need to be woken up.