Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Oval Office Is Not Enough.. But the World Might Do… a Sobering Scare from Pajamas Media

Obama’s something of an enigma. Despite publishing not one but two autobiographies, his history and motivations are still cloaked in shadows. Conservatives argue: Is he incompetent? Savvy? Overwhelmed? Brilliant? How about evil? These questions are dismissed by both well-meaning (read: ignorant) liberals, and their more malicious and deliberate “swallowed-the-koolaid” leftist comrades. They dismiss questions about Obama’s history or motivation as racially motivated. After all, Tea Party types weren’t complaining till a “black man” got elected, right?

Like virtually every other argument the Left posits, this involves faulty reasoning. It is true that a sleeping giant appears to have awakened over the past few years, and much of that movement, clearly polarized by President Obama, has organized itself around the Tea Party. It is also true that of the millions who have been involved in conservative and Tea Party causes, approximately 0.000021 percent of them have exhibited actual racism (as opposed to the Left, where attacking someone due to their race is a perfectly legitimate political tactic). READ MORE...

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