Thursday, April 7, 2011

SAVAGES: What 'Liberalism' Has Done to the Inner City and Minorites...

'Liberalism' has helped create these now daily occurrences (just search 'IHOP fight' on YouTube) and it's just getting worse. Keep in mind that this victim and her attackers are parents of young children! White liberals and their failing policies have helped contribute to 'ghettoizing' our inner city men and women for decades.

'Liberalism' is a failure everywhere: How about voting for Obama again, dumping another trillion dollars into the failed public education system and putting more planned parenthood's on the corners? Yea... that will really work! (Idiots)

You won't see any of these savages in the video at a tea party or practicing any form of conservatism, we assure you of that. This is the culture that democrat politicians have created, stretching their record of total failure to well over 50 years now. 'Liberalism' is destroying family values, morals, attacking religion, creating government dependency, drug use, poor public education, unemployment etc... which has lead to a reckless society that glorifies and celebrates violence, drug use, idiot celebrities and television shows (MTV) and has even encouraged radical homosexuality and teenage pregnancy! How the hell has that been working out?

Look no further than Oakland, Detroit, Camden, Chicago, Philadelphia, The Bronx, Newark, Baltimore, D.C, and every other major city to see what kind of culture and environment liberals have created despite throwing billions of taxpayers dollars at the very same problems that liberals helped to create in the first place.

'Hope and Change' is a failure...

It's no wonder why the KKK still votes democrat to this day. The party is helping destroy the lives of minorities every single day through 'liberalism.'

While this beating and slashing was being watched by thousands on YouTube, master con artists Barack Obama and Al Sharpton were yucking it up together at a fancy gala just a mile away in midtown Manhattan. As he kicks off his re-election campaign, the Marxist progressive Barack Obama, the worst President in U.S history, needs the 'race baiting' Al Sharpton to fetch the minority vote for him in 2012. What's really sad is that their plan will probably work.

Wake up please...

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  1. If Palin donned a weave, tanned more, changed her name to Shontae, and talked ebonics, she could probably get the black vote in 2012. Palin shares the same beliefs most blacks do. God, anti-abortion, pro-gun, low taxes, anti-gay marriage, more job growth in the private sector...and better schools/school choice.

    Unfortunately, most are also voting based on race, being racist, uneducated, and dumbacrat.