Thursday, April 7, 2011

STUNNING: Democrat Senator Reduced to Childlike Regurgitation

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Yesterday on NBC News, Andrea Mitchell asked Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus, D-Mont., why he’s opposed to Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform proposal, and what followed was a stunning display for a public official on any level. Baucus actually claimed Ryan’s reform "essentially ends Medicare." The senator’s answer to how he’d reform the bankrupt program? "We have to be more balanced and fair instead of unbalanced and unfair, which is his approach." When pressed for specifics, Baucus said, "Keep the current Medicare program and make it a lot better." The senator finally came around to a third solution: "We have to reform health care … there’s so much waste."

This guy is not only corrupt, he's really dumb..

There's many reasons why "FireAndreaMitchell.Com" is so successful. Max Baucus, the democrat from Montana who chairs the committee, has taken the most bribe money from the HMOs of any congressman. Why didn't she challenge him on that?

The Godfather, Max Baucus, making deals WE can't refuse

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