Thursday, April 7, 2011

TRUMP Major Chance Obama Has Violated the Constitution; MSNBC Panel Laughs. I Have Investigators in Hawaii. 'They Cannot Believe What They're Finding'

Major Chance This Guy Has Violated the Constitution: Trump’s Emotional Birther Defense Gets Giggles & Smirks From Morning Joe Panel.

Trump: I Have Investigators in Hawaii...'They Cannot Believe What They're Finding'

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Just imagine 'Trump-Bachman' winning in 2012.... This would really drive some liberals right to the noose! A 'birther' and a 'teabagger' who liberals in the media would then have to address as 'Mr. President' and 'Mrs. Vice President.' Wouldn't you love to see that?

You know how those liberals feel about an attractive, smart, successful woman in power. They hate it!

Liberals are the phoniest feminists and women's rights supporters out there. It's the conservatives who really represent women's rights, not liberals. They can start all of the organizations they want and talk about it all they want, it doesn't make it true. Just look at that pathetic organization 'N.O.W' (National Organization of Women) and the way liberals treat conservative women in the media. Give us a break...

As for Trump, he's doing the right thing with the Obama deception, because whether Obama was really born here or not, it doesn't matter, he's definitely hiding something and the American people have the right to know; not be insulted by progressive douchebags (like Donny Douche) in the media. These liberals are same idiots who questioned John McCain's citizenship when he ran for President!

Liberals are the biggest liars and hypocrites. Watch the VIDEO below to see what the left-wing journalists tried to do to John McCain in 2008 and how they conspired to protect Obama! The evidence is right here and liberals can't dispute any of it.

'If you're a liberal, turn in your idiot card. Why would you want to identify with these people?'

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