Friday, April 1, 2011

Trump Thumps MSNBC Hosts on Obama's Birth Certificate

Was Trump kidding when he said he 'respected' MSNBC's left-wing dork Chuck Todd?

Donald Trump does make a good point about the possibility of fraud and how easy it is for powerful people to make certain documents appear when convenient.

As for the semi-attractive airhead, she just giggles at the birth certificate issue as if it's some kind of big joke. She claims (Barry Soetoro) Barack Hussein Obama posted his (fake) birth certificate on his website, then tries to laugh it off in a condescending way, which is a strategy that the left uses when they can't produce any facts or evidence during an argument.

She then immediately becomes irrelevant...

These liberals make fun of birthers because Obama's definitely hiding something.


Why did Obama change his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama,

Why does he spend millions to defend showing the long form REAL birth certificate in court?

Why has he sealed ALL college records from Columbia, Occidental, Harvard and Univ.of Chicago?

Why did he change his name to a Muslim name? Why does he sympathize with Muslims and Islam? Why did he attend a black liberation theology church for over 20 years? Why does a man who supports transgendered causes and late-term abortion claim that he's a Christian? Why doesn't he attend church anymore since becoming President?

Why hasn't he shown the real birth certificate?

Barack Obama is a proven compulsive liar. We have easily proved that. Transparency in this administration is a joke. Everything is a secret, a backroom deal or a lie.

We're supposed to take his word for it? Give us a break...

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