Friday, May 13, 2011

Beck: ‘The President’s Actions Clearly Indicate That He Is Anti-Cop’

"The President’s actions clearly indicate that he is anti-cop. Now, you can do a photo-op all you want, which he did today. ‘Look at me, I’m with the cops.’ Yeah. Got a problem with that, Mr. President. ‘Cause it’s just like Bill Clinton when he said, ‘Monica Lewinsky, that scandal doesn’t matter. I don’t even know what sex is. I might have been sharpening a pencil, I may have been having sex. What do I know?’ It did matter because oral sex became no big deal to kids. The president influences our culture! The president sets the table and the standard and the standard when it comes to killing cops needs to be zero tolerance.”

1 comment:

  1. I like Beck because unlike liberals, he makes his case, provides evidence, facts and lets the viewer either form their own opinion, agree or disagree, and 90% of the time, Glenn Beck is right, and thats why liberals hate him so much. I am 100% convinced that liberals are only- miserable, ignorant, stupid, evil, sick people and no one can prove me wrong.