Monday, May 9, 2011

BUT HE'S SO SMART! "Uh, duh, uh, uh." The great orator's 60 Minutes interview with Steve Kroft. "You Know" - Obama misuses phrase 29 times in 30 min!

Obama Misuses the Phrase “You Know” 29 Times in a Thirty-Minute Rambling Interview with Liberal Steve Kroft

Keep in mind that Obama was this incoherent in an interview with liberal Steve Kroft, who is clearly in the tank for the man who engaged in a land transaction with convicted felon Tony Rezko….you know.

We, uh, I, uh, me, uh, my, uh, our guys,uh, the guys, uh, sending guys, uh, that guy, uh, no guys, uh, my guys, uh, we have “denigrated” the Taliban. READ MORE...


  1. Bitterness and anger. That's no way to go. What has made conservatives so petty?

  2. Petty? Well, you guys kept calling Bush an idiot, which I believe he is, but not as much as Obama is an idiot. But the way you guilty white liberals drool over our 1/2 black president in amazement that he can put a sentence together is so pathetic. You constantly brag about how smart he is, why "He went to Hahhhhhvad" lol. Well, we all know how he got into Harvard, after flopping at Occidental and Columbia, and we all know how he got into Univ.of Chicago (Billy Ayers) and who paid for his school....Ummmm, isn't that why his records are sealed? Trump was right about his being a poor student and the MSM never interviews the students who attended school with him who say he wasn't all that, I wonder why?

    Off teleprompter, Barack Obama is a stuutering fool, so it's not petty, it's a fact that you liberals are hypocrites in every catagory. And it's just not conservatives, hundreds of thousands of dems and independents regret voting for the liar in chief, how come you defend a man who lied to you and conned you? That makes you a big pussy if you ask me. Far from a man with principle...or a man who doesn't take to kind to being insulted and laughed at. You're an idiot, and so is Obama. Just look at what he's doing to this country.

    Some dems can defend Clinton, some repubs can defend Bush, but no one can defend this douchebag.

  3. I'm sure they pick the poorest students to edit the Harvard Law Review.

  4. Why not? When a fellow student from Chicago who attended Harvard with Barack Obama said, and I quote, "Barry was a loner, no one really knew who he was, and many knew he was editor of the Harvard Law Review because they had never had a black editor before."

    (Suddenly, that student was never interviewed again, nothing to see here, move on people!)

    And from the people who have Harvard degrees and are complete idiots like Bill O'Reilly, Barney Frank, Alicia Menendez, Barack Obama and a kid I went to high school with, it's not hard to edit anything there, just make sure you edit out anything "right" and fill it in with whatever is "left" THAT MUST BE REAL HARD! lol.

    You're stupid. You must of went to Harvard.