Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Conservative Allen West Obliterates Obama Official at Hearing: 'Why Are You Here?'

The hyperpartisan Obama Administration is forcing people to disclose political donations before receiving federal contracts, thereby using our ever-expanding government to bribe businesses to support still more ever-expanding government and to marginalize if not financially ruin those who might offer resistance. Fortunately there is at least one straight-talking patriot left in Washington. Rep. Allen West (R-FL) lays into a scuttling Obamunist bureauweenie:

Alan West should run for President. He's much smarter than Obama, and would destroy him in a debate on any subject. He's also an Army veteran who unlike Obama and Clinton, deserves to be saluted by Marines. He has excellent judgement and would be a REAL Commander in Chief.

West would also surround himself with smart people who know what they're doing, not radicals, Marxists, anti-Americans and academic failures like Barack Obama has done.

Maybe Ron Paul should ask West to be his Vice President if he wins the nomination... That would be an unbeatable ticket. Ron Paul will have Obama stuttering in debates while Alan West DESTROYS super moron Joe Biden in the 1st debate. Priceless...

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