Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GO TIGERS! Video Captures Contentious LSU Flag-Burning Protest as Planner Whisked Away to Safety..."USA! USA!" UPDATE: New VIDEO

When the tyranny of evil men spreads to the great Death Valley, the students of Louisiana State University and lovers of America righteously assemble to riot against the flag burning traitors.

While this type of exercise may be accepted by the SCUM of Univ. of Chicago, Harvard, Brown, Swarthmore, Columbia, Occidental, UC Berkeley, Princeton, Wesleyan, and other liberal universities where hippie professors brainwash their weak-minded students with anti-American rhetoric, LSU wasn't going for it. Go Tigers!

And as usual, it's so easy to point out who the anti-American liberal is, it's the filthy hippie with matted hair, thick frames and sandals...who just won't leave the country he hates so much.

via The Blaze- Things got out of hand quickly at this afternoon’s flag-burning protest on the campus of Louisiana State University. And while counter-protesters are claiming victory, that victory didn’t come without controversy. READ MORE...

UPDATE- NEW VIDEO: ‘My Brothers Died for You!‘ New LSU Vid Reveals Military Man’s Passionate Words.


  1. That's so funny how all of the anti-American liberal universities listed, and accuratly so, Barack Obama attended ALL of them! haha.

    There's so many stupid people in America who voted for this idiot and who will no matter what, will vote for him again. They deserve everything they get coming to them. I suggest people take advantage of having Obama in office, and rip off the government that is ripping you off. Foreclose your house, save your money. Avoid paying taxes as much as possible. Work two jobs, they are out there, people would just rather stay home and collect for free, this is the strategy of Marxism. Then apply for as many grants, entitlements, $$ programs as possible, most of which can be done online, and let these now-college twats pay for it down the road.

    Youre not doing anything wrong, you're just getting a refund. It sucks, but it has to be done, then when people feel the pain, they will react, and hopefully this time, the dumbass republicans let Ron Paul be their guy, because he's the only one who can fix this country.

  2. Flag burners are boring. The guy was a powerless little creep. Ignore him. Don't make him viral on YouTube.

    What patriotic good is served by a thuggish mob?