Wednesday, May 11, 2011

IS HE RETARDED? Chris Matthews Accuses Right Wing & Palin of Enjoying and Wanting More War Because They Called for Release of Bin Laden Photos. Huh?!?

Typical Matthews: Wait for Obama to make his decision, and then pretend it was the right one and attack any opposition to it. Unreal...

Matthews is distorting the news, as usual. Most democrat voters want the Bin Laden photos released, and some "right-wingers" don't want it released at all, so Matthews is lying straight up and trying to play politics in his pathetic biased reporting.

Then he has the nerve to bring on the far-left loon and elitist corrupt liberal, U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, as a guest. Schakowsky is the wife of Robert B. Creamer, who was indicted on federal charges of operating three check-kiting schemes that defrauded banks out of at least $2.3 million while he ran an Illinois public interest group. Creamer, 56, of Evanston, was charged with 16 counts of bank fraud for allegedly swindling nine different financial institutions. He also was charged with 18 counts of tax fraud. Rep. Schakowsky claimed she didn't know. (Ummm, yea, sure she didn't) Creamer is also charged in the indictment with failing to pay more than $300,000 in federal income taxes for employees of the group and for himself between 1996 and 2000. Four other counts allege he filed false income tax returns between 1996 and 1999. (Schakowsky didn't know this either?)

Schakowsky, a Democrat elected to Congress in 1998, served on the public interest group's policy board but has said she was never involved in its business matters. (Sure she wasn't)

Ex-Con Robert Creamer Designed Leftist Blueprint

You might also remember Jan Schakowsky for her famous and despicable YouTube VIDEO gleefully predicting the death of the private insurance industry at the hands of the federal government and the single-payer healthcare system.

Now....between Matthews ignorance, and his guest Jan Schakowsky, who is less credible than Rep. Anthony Weiner, only an idiot would believe that the right-wing and Sarah Palin want the Bin Laden photos released because they want more war!

Yes, Matthews is not only a closet homosexual, he's RETARDED...

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