Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MUST SEE: Stossel Rumbles With Black Farmer Attorney

The lawyer is a bloodsucking scumbag who raped and profited off the federal government and the American taxpayer for millions of dollars in the name of defending black farmer discrimination. It's obvious by his personal attacks, which were lies, he had no other defense to the argument.

Andrew Breitbart has several jobs and owns,, and to name a few of his high traffic websites which serve as an alternative to the dishonest and bias mainstream media. If the Pulitzer was awarded fairly, Andrew Breitbart might win it every year...

He's also a regular guest on the far left "Real Time with Bill Maher" show on HBO, usually the only one on the panel making any sense when he speaks, in addition to being a guest speaker and writer of a N.Y Times best seller, "Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World."

To the doofus lawyer with the bad hair, "Breitbart has many jobs..."

Andrew Breitbart is also a HERO journalist, a REAL true journalist who in the search for the truth has been demonized and personally attacked by the gutter scum of the far-left.

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