Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obama Already Politicizing the Death of Osama: Democrats Say Politicizing 9/11 Is Wrong, But Disgraceful Obama To Take Victory Lap At Ground Zero!

Hillary: "So that's what real sniper fire looks like..."

•September 11, 2009 – Obama Skips Ground Zero Memorial, Sends Joe Biden
•September 11, 2010 – Obama Skips Ground Zero Memorial, Sends Joe Biden
•May 5, 2011 – Obama to visit Ground Zero

Via- UrbanGrounds.Com

I don’t like Obama at all. Don’t trust him further than I can throw him. Still exceptionally thankful that he authorized the SEALS and Army Special Forces to do what those guys do best (bad things to bad people). But I still believe that every single decision he made in the assassination of Bin Laden was carefully calculated based upon how it polls and how it helps him get re-elected.

Which makes him scum, because those SEALS who dropped in to pay Bin Laden a little visit in the middle of the night? Their actual lives — as opposed to Obama’s political life — were very much on the line while Obama sat around in a room full of white people (The View‘s resident race hustler Sherri Shepard ought to be asking, “Where are all the black people?” here, rather than at the Royal Wedding).

Unfortunately for Obama, it looks like he’s only going to get a very insignificant dead cat bounce out of this defining moment in his Presidential legacy. Also unfortunate for Obama: November 2012 is a long, long way away. Most Americans will have long forgotten about this glorious day by then. But they’ll have daily reminders of $6 gasoline, $5 loaves of bread, and 10% unemployment.READ MORE...

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