Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rush Battles Brain-Dead Obama Drone

And this guy is probably one of the smarter Obama supporters...


  1. The caller is a regular on Howard Sterns radio show known as king of all blacks. He is a complete idiot on Sterns show as well. great example of Obamas black voting base.

  2. Obama job approval hits 52-week high.

  3. -17 pal....-17 kid... now do you understand why liberals are so stupid? they're like little sheep, who have no ability to search for the truth. where have you been loser? didn't you get the news that the poll consisted of 17% more registered democrat voters? they do this so idiots like you actually believe Obama is doing a good job, tell me you weren't given a college degree, please tell me you are not voting again, ever.

    If you have the ability to subtract 17 from his new apporval rating, you will get the real accurate approval rating. besides, haven't you seen what Obama is doing? Bailouts to tax cheats, GE not paying taxes, shipping jobs overseas, auto plants in Brazil, taking money from BP-Goldman Sachs, Wall street, directing stimulus money to union bosses, gun running at the border, his attorney general Holder is himself a criminal, Obama taking vacations, playing 60 rounds of golf , hosting parties every week, 3 wars people are such hypocrites.

  4. What a Joke … AP Poll, Obama Has a Approval Rating of 60% … Sample Skewed to Democrats by 17%

    UNBELIEVABLE, and the truth of the matter is, it is unbelievable … But what should we expect from the liberal and bias media when it comes to President Barack Hussein Obama. Nice job AP, hacks!

  5. "playing 60 rounds of golf"

    I'm not a golfer. Is that a lot over 2-plus years?

  6. "But what should we expect from the liberal and bias media when it comes to President Barack Hussein Obama. Nice job AP, hacks!"

    So you're saying that the Associated Press is willing to jeopardize its reputation as reliable polling source for the sake of propping up Obama?

  7. Umm 60 rounds is a lot! thats about 60 days on the course, 4-6 hours (with Obama's girly golfing, most likely 7-8 hours) 30 days a year. and for a resident, yea, way too much. 6 times a year is pushing it. and I hear it's more like 75 rounds, but I will give him 15...

    As for the AP and it's rep. are you fu**ing kidding me? their rep has already been destroyed. the AP isnt that credible anymore. get your head out of your biased ass will ya?

    Rasmuessan is the only poll to trust, theyre always dead on too...

  8. As if you're not biased anon at 10:41. I'm guessing that whatever poll gives Obama the lowest numbers is the most accurate for you.

  9. Here's a fairly recent Fox News poll

    They buried his 55 percent approval ratings in the seventh paragraph.

    which leads this columnist to ponder the network's objectivity:

    "If the poll had shown an opposite trend — if Obama’s approval numbers had declined eight points in one month to a two-year low — the Fox News story about the poll would have headlined the president’s slippage with unbridled glee."

  10. Look, I could care a less about Obama's approval rating. I use it so I can always tell by the poll, whatever his "approval" rating % is, thats how I know what percentage of idiots we have in America. I think you help me realize that, as does this blog.

    "Never let a good crisis go to waste"

    Under Obama, who as a Senator, was a big taker of fannie/freddie/acorn/forcing banks to give bad loans, taking money from wall street- you know, that stuff, people are now intentionally foreclosing on their homes, staying there for 2 years, saving thousands, taking vacations, getting on food stamps and other programs, staying on unemployment even though they can find a job, and therefore, not suffering from gas prices because they really dont have a job to drive to. That's the kind of country we have under Obama/progressives.

    If he wins again, so what. What Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Cheney, Reid, Obama's czars, Soros, the media and people like Wasserman Shultz, Schakowski, Boxer, Waters, etc..have done to this country is irreversible. It will never be fixed.

    Crime, the debt, foreclosures, energy costs, murders, poverty, teen pregnancy, drug use, illegal aliens, food prices, poor health care, disease, unemployment, taxes, will all always be increasing as long as there's one filthy stinkin democrat progressive liberal scumfu*ck breathing in government.

    Ron Paul and Herman Cain would be a nice ticket. Alan West sec.of state, Palin Energy secretary, just to anger global warming libtards, abolish the EPA (and dopey lady Lisa Jackson) the DOP, the DOT, the Dept.of education, the DOE, and 60% of useless, corrupt govt. organizations, and maybe, just maybe we can almost save this country.

  11. An excellent example of our President's "current" base. LOL