Tuesday, May 3, 2011

'SLEPT ON IT' Obama took SIXTEEN HOURS to make up his mind about Bin Laden mission

President 'slept on it' as tense military chiefs awaited decision. (Good thing it wasn't the '3am' call)

Barack Obama kept military commanders hanging by declaring he would 'sleep on it' before taking 16 hours to give the go-ahead to raid Bin Laden's compound.

Hit squads of specialist Navy Seals - who were not even told who they were preparing to capture - had practised the mission at two reconstructions of the terror chiefs sprawling compound.

The mission looked set to be given the all clear last Thursday when analysts confirmed beyond doubt that Bin Laden was in busy town of Abbottabad in northern Pakistan.

But the president stunned officials when he told a national security meeting that he wanted more time to think - and disappeared out of the room. READ MORE...

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