Thursday, May 5, 2011

SNOB: Obama Turns His Back on 9/11 Family Member. Walks Away From 9/11 Family Member Who Asks About Investigation of CIA Interrogators

Debra Burlingame, who lost her pilot brother on 9/11 when his plane crashed into the Pentagon, had a reportedly chilly exchange with President Barack Obama today. During a meeting with a select group of 9/11 families, Obama greeted Burlingame and even hugged her after a few pleasantries. READ MORE...

And here is a clip of Burlingame being interviewed on Hannity’s radio show:

FLASHBACK VIDEO: AG Eric Holder Confronted By 9-11 Family Member

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  1. These idiot liberal don't listen or learn, they do what they want. They're dirt, disgusting and corrupt hypocrits. They make me sick.