Friday, June 17, 2011

Allen West: Obama Has 'No Clue, No Plan...So He Talks About His Feelings and His Family...As a Diversionary Tactic'

@1:07 - "We have a president that has no clue. He has no plan. So the diversionary tactic is to get him out there and talk about his feelings and his family."

If he were golfing with Obama this weekend:

@2:10 - "Well first of all I can tell you that I've never golfed....I'd probably take the President and the Speaker on a little 10 mile run or I'd put a rucksack on their back and we'd go hiking up in the mountains..."

@3:18 - "None of his policies have worked. So until he is able to be man enough to [admit that], then we can move forward and talk about how we solve the problems that we see in the United States of America."

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