Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fact Checker Obliterates Obama Bailout Claims: 'One of the Most Misleading Collections of Assertions We Have Seen ...'

The Fact Checker: President Obama's phony accounting on the auto industry bailout By Glenn Kessler, Washington Post

"Chrysler has repaid every dime and more of what it owes American taxpayers for their support during my presidency."

-- President Obama, June 4, 2011

With some of the economic indicators looking a bit dicey, President Obama traveled to Ohio last week to tout what the administration considers a good-news story: the rescue of the domestic automobile industry. In fact, he also made it the subject of his weekly radio address.

We take no view on whether the administration's efforts on behalf of the automobile industry were a good or bad thing; that's a matter for the editorial pages and eventually the historians. But we are interested in the facts the president cited to make his case.

What we found is one of the most misleading collections of assertions we have seen in a short presidential speech. Virtually every claim by the president regarding the auto industry needs an asterisk, just like the fine print in that too-good-to-be-true car loan.

Let's look at the claims in the order in which the president said them. READ MORE...


  1. Fact checker in a rarity checked the facts. Rebuking the Obama bailout, for once without bailing out Obama----it's plain to see that the Obama ship is sinking, and all the reproving and blunting they previously indulged in has not been rewarded with an economy that can sustain even barely enough to at least keep all the moderate political change and social improvement by government action afloat to keep their progressive asses out of the ocean's drowning currents---

  2. The progressive commie Demorats must choose----maintain the course and suffocate by submersion under the rising water level of the flooded river of failure and disgrace---OR----bail out
    on their flawed professed deliverer of Marxism---

    Their localized physical suffering and their noxious bodily disorders will only be alleviated by jumping ship before Ship Obama becomes engulfed in the mud---

    It's really quite simple---they can remain RED to the bitter end or turn YELLOW and save their ineffectual and enepts asses.

  3. Do the math----lately there has been a spate of negative stories on The Human
    Failure---my bet is that they are starting to hedge on Vermin Heart keeping the White House in 2012----when it becomes more crystalized that The Great Obama Depression is becoming marked by more and more rising levels of enemployment, they will jettison this human cargo to lighten the ships load to save their sorry asses---what they built up they will now tear down with a vengence--

  4. The choice is clear--do we fight to remove this papillomavirus from the countries system or do we surrender--------the power of choosing has never been any clearer----