Thursday, June 16, 2011

WATCH- Heckled: Audience Erupts in Cheers, Jeers During Weiner Resignation

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MSNBC and The Huffington Post will be fighting over who gets to hire this scumbag Anthony Weiner first..

Just when we thought the circus was over, Rep. Anthony Weiner’s resignation press conference degenerated into one. READ MORE...


  1. Weiner is a liar. He lied about the healthcare bill and progressives like Weiner do not care one shit about the middle class. fu**ing phonies. They opress everyone! I love the pervert comment in the crowd! lmao! All the self loathing liberal jewbags were trying to defend him,lol. What losers! They will replace this piece of shit with another one just like him and Weiner will win Schumers senate seat when that piece of shit retires.

  2. I hope they got a lot of satisfaction they got out of jeering this guy out of public life. Probably bragging about it back at the bar tonight. Laughing until they choke on their chicken wings. Ain't that America somethin' to see....

  3. One less piece of shit.... NoBama, Pelosi, and the scum bag Reed.... YOU ARE NEXT!!!!