Tuesday, June 7, 2011

IDIOTS: Op-Ed- Why do Americans Continue to Give Obama a Pass?

Why do Americans continue to give President Obama a free pass? Despite pitiful job creation, a lurching and disappointing recovery, recurring confrontations with Israel, paralysis on immigration, despair over Afghanistan, a worsening fiscal outlook, an expensive stalemate in Libya, a dysfunctional relationship with Congress (including his own party) and a world view that is patently at odds with mainstream Americans - Obama continues to enjoy positive approval ratings. As of last week, according to Gallup, more than half of American voters thinks the president is doing a good job.

By what measure? Because he pushed through a still-unpopular health care initiative that spends money we don't have and that manifestly did not cure our out-of-control healthcare outlays? Because he speaks well? Because he's tall? READ MORE...


  1. Looking at the body language and faces of these idiots I know one thing for certain: those women have a sexual thing for 0bama.

  2. The main stream Marxist media can lay credit to one achievement---any overt criticisms aganist Obama will be perceived as racist, they have for the most part blunted for public consumption how most Americans truly feel abut Obama---

    I know for a fact that many of Obama's most ardent supporters have abandoned the Con Man---they have told me to my face that they are embarrassed that they fell for his sales-pitch---

    Times my above statements of fact and you have millions across the nation that will remove this festering pus rot from the
    White House.

  3. Leaving out the blind optimism Obama supporters-------------------has anyone noticed that most of the new people that you come across are reticent to broach the subject of politics unless and until someone takes the lead----I loathe this deceiver so passionaly that loaded with facts I expose this charlatan with his showy pretenses for the faker that he truly is and to my astonishment, all though now not as much, they strongly concur, and they now feel more comfortable to lambast him also---

    A shellacking at the voting booth Nov. 2012 that isolates its occupants from the glare of the Marxist media will mark the purging they truly feel for this Anti-American-Loser--

  4. It dosen't get any more succulent then this---

    Now that this cipher has to run on his record in the presidental debates without his aid, the teleprompter, against a true Conservative, the mockery of Obama being the smartest man alive will be on full view for the American public to examine and inspect---they will come to the realization that the Marxist media never vetted this abomination and will be chopping at the bit to remove this suppuration from the body-politic.

  5. This ludicrous figure:
    this gross and ill-educated person won't change because he can't change---

    Every day that goes by this buffoon and his Marxist ideology, designed to destroy and hurt our economy with it's ruinous visionary theorizing will begin to self-destruct--their sociopolitical programs will unravel like a spool ot thread---because, the majority of the American populace are on to Obama's glaring impeachable offenses---

  6. Even the lefty press won't be able to shield this prevaricator this time around when he has to debate a true Conservative without the aid of a teleprompter----get the popcorn out, as this callow man stutters his responses to why his economy is such a failure---and the return fire of his opponent will only make him reply with involuntary disruptions of spasmodic repetition and prolongation of his failed duty as a president, as he keeps stuttering uphill----

  7. No different then an impared and abnormal functioning gastronitestinal disorder, liberals abnormal and unhealthy interpersonal behavior and interaction, "like family dysfunction" creates an unhealthy climate---the bunch of them are morally contaminated, corrupt to the core and unwholesome, not to mention their unhealthy imagination

    Savage said it best - Liberalsim is a mental disorder----want cogency of evidence---watch the View.

    Hi Yephora