Monday, June 27, 2011

"LIBERALISM" STILL WORKING GREAT IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY: Watch Massive Brawl at Howard University During Caribbean Festival. (NOT A TEA PARTY)

Future democratic voters of America brawl in D.C and most of the mainstream media ignores the story.

We already know that the goal of the left is to keep blacks confined, uneducated, irrelevant, incarcerated, hooked on drugs, government dependent and voting democrat, so maybe they believe that brawling on a college campus is just typical daily behavior and not really newsworthy...

But those same guilt-ridden and self-loathing white liberals sure have no problem lying (reporting) about that "mostly" white Tea Party, and labeling those people as "extreme," when they're the ones who actually act beyond civil. And the tea party folks are only doing what every American with a functioning brain should be doing; protesting out of control spending, excessive taxation, corruption and a tyrannical government. These savage idiots who are fighting and video taping in the video do not care about their future. Maybe liberals want them to act this way...

"Oh that "liberalism" is working great, isn't it?"

While MOST of the mainstream media will be ignoring the flash mobs in Philadelphia, the violence in Chicago, and the brawls in D.C, they will continue to blame today's violence on ignorant gun laws, republicans, Sarah Palin, the tea party and education (LOL) when the real blame lies with really ignorant gun control laws and "liberalism."

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  1. Oh, those are just 0bama supporters practicing voting booth maneuvers for 2012.