Sunday, June 19, 2011

MORE WHITE LIBERAL RACISM: NYT Tries Trashing Clarence Thomas Ahead of Obamacare Vote

PIN POINT, Ga. — Clarence Thomas was here promoting his memoir a few years ago when he bumped into Algernon Varn, whose grandfather once ran a seafood cannery that employed Justice Thomas’s mother as a crab picker. READ MORE...

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  1. It's racism, but it's different. Most blacks agree with everything Thomas stands for (gay marriage, abortion, taxes, govt, school choice etc..) but vote opposite. The left uses black conservatives like Thomas and tries to make them out to be sellouts because they marry white women and vote conservative. But most black liberals are married to white women, yet get a free pass. It's such racism. And there's a "half" black guy, who is destroying this country in every catagory who the NY Times loves because he's a progressive Muslim liberal 50% white guy, with no birth certificate, who is anti-American and despises the constituion; that man is Barack Obama, and the vermin at the NYTimes agrees with him, loves him and protects him. What a rag, no wonder the NYTimes is broke and circulation is at an all time low.